​​5) How much does Mega Travel Photo Gallery cost?

The current bargain price, which may be raised at any time, is just $29.99.  This price includes not only 2,093 gorgeous photos of the best scenery the United States and Canada have to offer, but also the aforementioned 178 state maps, 144 of which have been modified to highlight counties, parishes and boroughs included in the scenic intrastate regions.   I have also included 14 Canadian provincial maps, five of them similarly modified to illustrate the location of scenic intraprovincial regions.  The superb imagery included in the geographically extensive Mega Travel Photo Gallery product should provide you with countless hours of enjoyment as well as travel ideas for many years to come. 

After you click the BuyNow button below to make your secure PayPal payment to purchase Mega Travel Photo Gallery, within 24 hours (but usually much  less time than that) I will email you the URL for Mega Travel Photo Gallery's Navigation page, which has 74 clickable links to access the 74 individual sub-galleries which comprise Mega Travel Photo Gallery.  At the same time that I email you the URL of the Navigation Page, I also will email you the password necessary to access any or all of the 74 clickable sub-galleries of Mega Travel Photo Gallery listed on the Navigation Page.  The password may be changed periodically in order to maintain security. Paid customers will be promptly informed of password changes.  Due to the time and effort I have invested as well as the quantity and quality of images included in Mega Travel Photo Gallery, I am unable to offer refunds.  If you have any further questions pertaining to the Mega Travel Photo Gallery product, I may be contacted at fyb704@gmail.com or via the following form which will be directed to me.  Civil queries, comments and feedback are welcome.

Trinity Alps Wilderness with Mt. Shasta in background, as seen from Pacific Crest Trail.  The Trinity Alps are located in Upstate California, not too far from either Oregon or the Pacific Ocean.

CAPTION:  A view across northern Georgia mountain ranges near Helen as seen from Yonah Mountain...11 ADDITIONAL  SPECTACULAR GEORGIA BLUE RIDGE IMAGES ARE INCLUDED IN MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY.

                     SAMPLE ENTRY OF A SCENIC INTRAPROVINCIAL REGION:  Vancouver Island, British Columbia

COUNTY SAMPLE ENTRY:  White County, Georgia, located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

CAPTION:  Yosemite Valley with abundant vegetation as seen from Tunnel View.  From left to right, El Capitan, Bridalveil Falls, and Cathedral Rocks...MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDES AN ADDITIONAL 187 SENSATIONAL IMAGES OF THE GOLDEN STATE.

CAPTION:  The Cabot Trail winds, twists, dips, and climbs its way along the side of a rugged headland overlooking the blue waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

The snowy San Francisco Peaks are located just north of Flagstaff, Arizona.

CAPTION:  With an elevation of 20,322 feet, the summit of Denali is the highest point in North America...MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDES AN ADDITIONAL 83 AMAZING ALASKA IMAGES.

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                                        SAMPLE ENTRY OF A SCENIC INTRASTATE REGION:​​  Westcentral Colorado

    A cruise ship passes the Porcupine Islands in Frenchman Bay in Acadia National Park, located in Down East Maine.

CAPTION:  The rugged Nā Pali coast on the northwest coast of Kauai as viewed from a helicopter...25 PHENOMENAL IMAGES OF HAWAII ARE INCLUDED IN MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY.

CAPTION:  Kakabeka Falls, the Niagara of the North, is 40 metres tall (approximately 130 feet in height), and is located 30 kilometres (about 20 miles) west of Thunder Bay, Ontario...MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDES 258 ADDITIONAL STRIKING CANADIAN IMAGES.

The United States and Canada are both blessed with such features as shining lake shores and coastlines, towering mountains, vast deserts, extensive forests, scenic highways, attractive towns and cities, and the simple beauty of ample open land.  Thus, my current project is entitled "Mega Travel Photo Gallery:  2,093 Stunning Images of the Most Scenic Places in the United States and Canada."  The scenic images included in Mega Travel Photo Gallery cover all 50 US states and nine Canadian provinces.  While many Images in Mega Travel Photo Gallery are of well-known places, there also are plenty of images of scenic locales that are rather unknown outside of their respective home states and provinces.  

The Mega Travel Photo Gallery product is enjoyable, informative and useful to citizens of the United States and Canada planning a road trip or simply wishing to view images of amazingly gorgeous scenery.  Mega Travel Photo Gallery is also useful for people who live anywhere in the world who plan to visit the United States and Canada at some point and wish to view images and plan their future US and Canadian travels now.  Sample maps, photos, and captions are interspersed throughout this home page to illustrate the quality of the Mega Travel Photo Gallery product being offered for sale. 


CAPTION:  Western New York's Allegany State Park displays brilliant October foliage.  The 65,000-acre state park is located in Salamanca, Cattaraugus County, just north of the Pennsylvania state line.

Maps spur curiosity and thus 178 state and 14 provincial maps are included in the Mega Travel Photo Gallery product.  As for the 178 state maps, 144 of them have been edited to highlight counties, parishes and boroughs being depicted in each of the 50 US states.  Selected Canadian provincial maps have been similarly modified to highlight scenic intraprovincial regions.​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

CAPTION:  Wizard Island is a volcanic cinder cone in Crater Lake, located in Southcentral Oregon...109 ADDITIONAL DAZZLING IMAGES OF OREGON ARE INCLUDED IN MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY.

2) How long will I be able to access Mega Travel Photo Gallery once I have made my purchase?

I prepay my hosting fees several years in advance in order to keep 2LaneRoads.com and Mega Travel Photo Gallery online well into the future.  In fact, as of now the hosting fees have been paid up to March 2026, giving you more than ample time to bookmark, view and enjoy Mega Travel Photo Gallery, as well as to print out selected images and save the entire Mega Travel Photo Gallery to your hard drive.  

3) What is the source of the images in Mega Travel Photo Gallery?

On this page, I have posted several photos that I personally have shot.  However, I cannot claim to have been everywhere in the United States and Canada.  Therefore, in order for the Mega Travel Photo Gallery product to be as geographically comprehensive as possible, the overwhelmingly vast majority of the images included in Mega Travel Photo Gallery are high definition, professional-quality, and yet rarely seen royalty free stock travel photos which I purchased at considerable expense from a leading online purveyor of same.  I then examined tens of thousands of images, selecting only the very best for inclusion in the Mega Travel Photo Gallery product. 

Next, I tackled the formidable task of organizing the slew of chosen images.  I grouped images together by US county as well as into scenic intrastate regions and intraprovincial regions.  I then geographically arranged the images within each grouping from north to south and east to west.  I also added maps to illustrate the location of the various groupings of images within each US state and nine Canadian provinces.  

The purpose of this painstaking effort was for me to be able to display a great deal of the very best scenery that the United States and Canada have to offer in the extensive Mega Travel Photo Gallery product.  The royalty free stock photos shown on this page illustrate the quality of the stock travel photos included in Mega Travel Photo Gallery.   Along with the above-posted royalty free stock photos of Kebler Pass, the North Georgia mountains, and Tofino, all the remaining images which follow on this page are royalty free stock photos as well.  

Click the following PayPal BuyNow button to purchase "Mega Travel Photo Gallery:  2,093 Stunning Images of the Most Scenic Places in the United States and Canada" for only $29.99.

Future PayPal BuyNow button

My purchase of the royalty free stock photos has allowed me to display the selected images at a large enough size for each image to be properly viewed and appreciated.  The above royalty free stock image of Yosemite National Park (approximately 800 pixels X 500 pixels) is representative of the size and sharpness of the overwhelming majority of images included in the Mega Travel Photo Gallery product.  There is no need to click on tiny thumbnails in Mega Travel Photo Gallery to view larger images:  the images already are large as long as viewed on desktops, laptops, and tablets.  And though the images appear much smaller on smartphones, they are viewable on those devices as well.

4) What is the best way to view Mega Travel Photo Gallery?

Mega Travel Photo Gallery is most optimally viewed on desktop and laptop computers.  However, Mega Travel Photo Gallery is divided into 74 sections (66 US sections covering all 50 states + 8 Canadian sections) so that sections covering individual states and Canadian provinces/regions will load quickly, even on mobile devices.   Images usually download quickly on mobile devices, especially if one is using Safari, the best mobile browser bar none.  However, due to the inherent processing limitations of mobile devices, individual sections may load slower on a mobile device than on a desktop or a laptop with a high-speed internet connection.  With some mobile devices, depending on the mobile browser used and the slowness of the wifi connection, it is possible that none of the images in a section will load at all.  Thus,  I do not recommend a mobile device as your only means of accessing Mega Travel Photo Gallery.  
Finally, access to a combination of online and print maps such as Google Maps and a paper Rand McNally road atlas, is recommended in order to pinpoint the various scenic routes, towns, state parks, national parks, national forests, and other landmarks and points of interest depicted or referenced within Mega Travel Photo Gallery.   

CAPTION:  An autumnal view of Kebler Pass, elevation 9980 feet, located in Gunnison National Forest west of Crested Butte, Colorado...126 ADDITIONAL MAGNIFICENT COLORADO IMAGES ARE INCLUDED IN MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY.

A majority of the 50 states have been divided into intrastate regions, with each intrastate region consisting of at least one county in an individual state.  State maps with highlighted counties are included in order to show the location of the various intrastate regions being depicted in Mega Travel Photo Gallery.  Canadian provincial maps are included as well.  Images of all 50 states as well as selected scenic portions of nine Canadian provinces stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific are included in Mega Travel Photo Gallery.  Within each section of Mega Travel Photo Gallery that is devoted to a scenic region of a state or province, the vast majority of images have been geographically arranged from north to south and from west to east. 

The extensive Mega Travel Photo Gallery is scenically, topographically, and geographically diverse, depicting exquisite scenes of towering mountains, vast deserts, seemingly endless forests in both summer and autumn colors, and gleaming blue lake shores and ocean coastlines.  You will no doubt discover many places worthy of a visit.

autumnal foliage along the Million Dollar Highway, a moniker for the approximately 25-mile segment of US 550 between Silverton and Ouray, Colorado

              Chiricahua National Monument, located in southeastern Arizona, is known for its vertical rock formations.  

In my case, the die was cast early: I have been fascinated by road travel for as long as I can remember.  Growing up just north of Chicago, I spent much of my childhood studying road atlases and road maps, planning out US and Canadian routes that I would one day explore.  I have loved the open road since my earliest family road trips.  Those first trips were to Illinois and Wisconsin attractions within a few hours’ drive of my earliest boyhood home. Those destinations included Wisconsin Dells as well as Abraham Lincoln’s home and gravesite in Springfield, Illinois.  Family road trips later expanded to include sections of Florida, California, upstate New York, and Vermont.  Additional early travels included forays into:  Minnesota; Ontario, Canada; and the particularly gorgeous Piney Woods of the South.

The following is a list of the 74 clickable sections included in Mega Travel Photo Gallery.  The numbers within parentheses indicate the number of images included in each section.  

Alabama (10) 

Southwest Alaska (7)

Southcentral Alaska (26)

Alaska (50)
Arizona (45)
Arkansas (16)
Northwest California (36)
Western California (41)
San Diego County (15)
Northeast California (21)
Eastern California (37)
east California (37)
Northern Colorado (22)

Westcentral Colorado (29)
Central Colorado (31)
Southern Colorado (44)
Connecticut-Delaware (11)
Florida (28)
Georgia (16) 
Hawaii (25)
Idaho (25)

Illinois-Indiana (22)

Louisiana (18)
Maine (13)

Maryland (10)
​Massachusetts (18)
 Michigan (27) 
Minnesota (21)
Mississippi-Missouri (19)
Nebraska (10)
Nevada (31)
New Hampshire (27)
New Jersey (11)
New Mexico (53)
Western New York (19)
Northern New York (22)
Southern Upstate New York (44)

North Carolina (55)
North Dakota (12) 
Ohio (34) 
Oklahoma (13) 
Oregon Coast (48)
Oregon Cascades (17)
Eastern Oregon (44)
Pennsylvania (28)
Rhode Island (11)

South Carolina (17)
Dakota (26)
Tennessee (25)
Texas (39)
Northeast Utah (47)
Central Utah (21)
Southern Utah (46)
Vermont (36)
Virginia (27)
Western Washington (41)

Washington Cascades (47)
Eastern Washington (29) 
West Virginia (35)
Wisconsin (30)
Northwest Wyoming (69)
Northcentral Wyoming (22)
Northeast Wyoming (5)
Southern Wyoming (28)

an astounding canyon view in Zion National Park, located in southwestern Utah...MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDES AN ADDITIONAL 114 SPLENDID SCENES OF UTAH.

CAPTION:  Tofino panoramic view.  Tofino, British Columbia, is situated at the northwestern tip of Pacific Rim National Park just north of Ucluelet.  Tofino is reachable by road from eastern Vancouver Island by traversing the spectacular Vancouver Island Ranges via British Columbia 4...MEGA TRAVEL PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDES 40 ADDITIONAL IMAGES OF BREATHTAKING VANCOUVER ISLAND.

1) Why should I consider purchasing Mega Travel Photo Gallery when I can browse through a wide variety of travel publications at my local bookstore or online mega-retailer, or simply use search engines to find images of various geographic locations?

Please realize that there are many quality niche products that have been created by hard-working individuals like myself that are not sold at brick-and-mortar stores or online mega-retailers, but may be purchased only from the creator himself. Also, the images of specific geographic locations included in Mega Travel Photo Gallery are usually far superior than free images of the same location found on search engines and even the images included in most printed travel guidebooks.

a snowy San Juan Mountains vista along the Million Dollar Highway in southwestern Colorado

CAPTION:  Fred Brenner on the road.  In the nearly 40 years since my travels began, I have enjoyed magnificent scenery in all fifty US states and in a majority of Canada's provinces by traveling upon scenic rural two-lane backroads.

Additional sample royalty free stock photos follow which are illustrative of the type included in Mega Travel Photo Gallery:

Layers of blue-tinged Great Smoky Mountains are visible in this sunset scene at Clingmans Dome, Tennessee...

The remote North Rim of the Grand Canyon is reachable by road via 44-mile-long Arizona 67, also known as 

CAPTION:  US Alt. 14, also known as Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, is located in the Northern Black Hills of South Dakota.   Many more such gorgeous photos are included in "Mega Travel Photo Gallery:  2,093 Stunning Images of the Most Scenic Places in the United States and Canada," available for purchase on the bottom of this page.​  

In the second decade of the 21st century, the road trip remains the most popular form of travel in the United States and Canada.  There are two kinds of road trippers: the interstate highway people and the two-lane backroads travelers.  The latter are spending less money and having more fun.  Backroads travel is adventuresome, relaxing, and enjoyable.  Most backroads explorers find the wide open spaces and constantly changing scenery on rural two-lane roads to be a welcome break from the usual urban/suburban routine.  I, Fred Brenner, have an obsession with traveling on scenic two-lane roads such as magnificent Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway (US Alt. 14), depicted in the above photo that I shot.  ​​​ 

​British Columbia (40)

Alberta (66)
Saskatchewan-Manitoba (10)
Northwest Ontario (21)
Georgian Bay (28)
Eastern Ontario (25)
Quebec (20)
​Atlantic Canada (48)

A majority of these sections are further subdivided into scenic intrastate or intraprovincial regions ​such as: the lush green islands of Washington State; the seastack-punctuated Oregon coast; the lofty Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington; Alberta's stupendous Canadian Rockies; wild and mountainous central Idaho; Montana's jaw-dropping Glacier National Park and Beartooth Mountains; Michigan's heavily-forested Upper Peninsula; Ohio's rustic Cuyahoga Valley National Park and, in the southeast, appealing Appalachian foothills; Northern New York, which includes the Adirondack High Peaks; Vermont's Green Mountains and New Hampshire's White Mountains; coastal Down East Maine; Newfoundland's primeval Gros Morne National Park; southern California's Mediterranean-like Channel Islands; the piney mountains and refreshing alpine lakes of Inland Southern California; awe-inspiring Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks in eastern California; multifaceted Coconino County, Arizona, which boasts the Grand Canyon as well as a chain of extinct volcanos; southwestern Oklahoma's rocky Wichita Mountains; arid and rugged Trans-Pecos Texas, highlighted by the jagged Chisos Mountains of Big Bend National Park; the verdant highlands of eastern Kentucky and eastern Tennessee; Virginia's high-altitude Shenandoah National Park; South Florida's tropical Everglades and Keys; and many more such appealing scenic intrastate and intraprovincial regions.

Acadia National Park is known for its granite cliffs and sizable boulders along its rocky Atlantic shores.

CAPTION:  A tall stand of majestic loblolly pines in southern Maryland.  The Piney Woods stretch across the South from the Delmarva Peninsula all the way west to Oklahoma and Texas.  [NOTE:  Along with informative captions, selected images in Mega Travel Photo Gallery also contain links to webpages located on external websites for further information.]


I have been a travel writer and photographer for many years now.  A highlight of my early career was the field research, writing, self-publishing, marketing, and selling of a printed Special Report entitled “The 45 Most Scenic Two-Lane Roads in the United States and Canada.”  The publication of this work was heralded by feature profile articles in the Chicago-area press regarding my extensive travels and my flair for travel writing.  This talent has been built upon upon a bedrock of firsthand geographic knowledge acquired through decades of exploratory travels, as well as research and writing skills finely honed during four years of rigorous college coursework.  After graduation, I developed my niche in crafting words and images about scenic rural backroads and off-the-beaten-path places throughout the United States and Canada.